\Don't Kill Doctor Frankenstein is a workplace safety training game focused on laboratory safety. Functionally, it's a story-driven detective style game that allows players to reach conclusions organically. By letting players identify problems and create solutions, learning is both meaningful and intrinsicly motivated.














Prototype Game Overview

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course players should be able to-

Explain the difference between Flammables, Reactives, Corrosives, Toxics, and biological hazards.

Recall and explain the Hierarchy of Controls


Identify basic lab safety signs and symbols.-

Source Material
Content came directly from Open Sesame's OSHA Lab Safety training course.
Linked text in game jumps players to OSHA's website or other content for times when players want additional resources
Potential for Expansion
In the prototype there are 4 ways to kill (and save) doctor Frankenstein.
The concept could be expanded to cover a great number of lab safety hazards.

With a change in theme or seting it would be simple to apply it to a wide range of work safety topics

Click the Title Picture below to 
Play the game now!

Play as Igor                                        

Igor is Doctor Frankenstein's assisstant. He makes use of a time machine to prevent safety hazards and rescue the doctor from his own recklessness.

Protect the Doctor                                       

In a way, Doctor Frankenstein represents the player.
Brilliant, but so focused that he can't be bothered to take approriate safety precautions. Presciently, he built a time machine to save himself from his own demise.

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